About AP Photovideo - Affordable Pro Photo & Video

We give our client a high-end product at a price within their means. Provide excellent customer service and a friendly, knowledgeable staff! Clients are looking for more cost effective pricing, but are insisting in the same quality as a high-end photographer or videographer. This is EXACTLY what we are all about. Welcome to Affordable Pro Photo and Video.

For over 15 years AP Photo & Video has been delivering a level of work that not only satisfies but also delights our customers. Wedding wire considers AP Photo & Video among the top 5% photography companies in America.

Customers are looking for mobile friendly easy to use App's as well as traditional prints and albums. Instant gratification with the ability to share with your social group is the new standard. At AP Photo & Video we say, hell yes why wouldn't you want that!

We deliver beautiful photo & videos, and take advantage of current applications and technologies as they become available. We enable you to share your event on your favorite social media or use our web links.

We have very efficient workflows that allow us to deliver great quality and fast turn around. We can expedite almost any service and will quite and guarantee turn around times.

We offer product that will take your event to a new levels of fun and sophistication. We can also provide live web cam for your event allowing you to share your celebration with those who could not attend.

Our place is to simply give customers what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.

Every Minute of a wedding is expensive and what you have after the wedding is each other, your rings and your pictures. Trust an experienced Professional and think about the worst that can happen as well as the best that can happen.

We are one of the Photo & Video companies in south Florida that your should consider.